What we do: Science communication. Our services ensure understanding and comprehension of science related topics. We bring scientists and different target groups together to enable acceptance, understanding and passion for science.

We invite you to find the services you need and understand what we do and why we do it.

what we do.

Social Media Beratung

Social Media Management

We talk about your results - or the way to get there. Everywhere: Instagram, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. Stay in touch with the scientific community.

writing with a pen, PR

PR / Texting

You have results and we have the right language for them. Whether content or press work. We find the right words.

Krisenkommunikation, Crisis communication

Crisis Communications

Scientific research and its environment is also subject to criticism and lack of understanding. Do not let a situation escalate, but react proactively with the right tone and a good strategy.

Graphics and conference posters

Graphic / Conference posters

In science communication, the text weighs just as heavily as the graphic explanation. We give data a simple appearance.

Animation, film, video, Explanatory video, erklärvideo

Explanatory Videos / Photos

A picture - or many - says more than 1000 words. Reach all target groups with different media formats.

Website, Webdeisgn


Websites are your gateway to the public, your profile for applicants and the portrait of your institute. We paint the most professional of these.

We create the right format for all channels and all target groups: strategic communication concepts, press releases, articles in various journalistic formats such as portraits and reports, paper, flyers, brochures, advertising and campaigns, marketing, websites, social media posts, photos and videos.

why we do it.

science isn't finished until its reported. – Mark Walport

building a platform

We create a platform for you to communicate your knowledge. Exchange your ideas with other scientists, interested parties, organisations or the industry.

two heads thinking
all people accept science No one accepts science. Scientist alone.

social acceptance

Publicly financed institutions require acceptance, understanding and transparency. Show the society what you do for it.


You have the knowledge, we sell it. We support you apply for funding. It's important to direct the interest of investors towards your research.

Funding science.